Choosing a content management system?

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    I'm wanting to setup a Content Management System (CMS) for an
architectural firm.  Collaboration is in their name, I mean literally.
So, I've found web sites that do comparisons but often what I want to
find to see if it is an included feature may not be on the comparison
chart just because that is not one of the rows in the comparison table.
    For example, I'd like a fairly easy to maintain CMS/portal.  It
should be easy for the customer to maintain.  I can assume that the
company does not have programmers or coders, (HTML/XML etc), since the
design is for me to do.
    Some desireable features would include, but not be limited to, a
newsletter feature, blog, photographic upload, file upload, photo
album, bulletin board, and perhaps a wiki.  Some of these could be met
elsewhere seperately.

    I have a similar need for a non-profit, charity that works with the
homeless, needy and transient population... linking them with
employment and other resources, advocacy, newsletter, updated news and
information to be something the customer, that is the non-profit could
do on their own.  I'm thinking a good wiki would be easy enough to use
and meet many needs.

Anyway, recommendations and suggestions are welcome.

Re: Choosing a content management system?

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Re: Choosing a content management system?

hi Bruce,

If all else fails you can write a custom content manager and bring in
code from other apps to add the functions you need.  I wrote a content
manager in Cold Fusion for my work about 7 years ago, and as new CF
apps become available I started incorporating these new features into
my custom CMS.

But if time is an issue (took me 3 months to write the first CMS) you
have lots of options, check out for a indepth
look at all the more popular CMS.



Re: Choosing a content management system?

Hi Bruce,

i've tried most of them.....and there is one that stands head and shoulders
above the rest - joomla

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