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Well whoopie doo

Got my first ever piece of Chinese spam this morning.

Was just gonna consign it to to the permanent file when I noticed the  
content - ascii art depicting a fairly cute house and picket fence.  Shame  
I can't read a 'thing[1]' of Chinese.

[1] can't remember the word for those chinese things that are more than  
letters or words.
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Re: Chinese Rocks

On 15 Apr 2005 elyob wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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Thingymajigs ..

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There are some usable online automatic translators for Chinese, though it
can result in something that reads more like bad poetry than anything
else. I think they may have adapted a lot of old words to new contexts as
a way of adding new concepts to the language. So it's not always easy to
tell if something is about IT or gardening.

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Re: Chinese Rocks

On Fri, 15 Apr 2005, Eric Jarvis wrote:

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For word-by-word literal translations (which may be *very*
context-sensitive), you can consult the Unihan database.  Some (not
all) of the characters have translations listed.

Plain text, 27296KB:
Zipped, 5712KB:

Picking some characters at random, U+6000 to U+6006, here is the complete
record for the first character and the definitions for the next six:

U+6000    kAlternateKangXi    0379.005
U+6000    kAlternateMorohashi    10412
U+6000    kBigFive    CAE4
U+6000    kCCCII    222A76
U+6000    kCNS1986    2-2426
U+6000    kCNS1992    2-2426
U+6000    kCangjie    PMF
U+6000    kCantonese    WAAI4
U+6000    kDaeJaweon    0707.110
U+6000    kDefinition    bosom, breast; carry in bosom
U+6000    kEACC    273F54
U+6000    kGB0    2719
U+6000    kHanYu    42276.020
U+6000    kIRGDaeJaweon    0707.110
U+6000    kIRGDaiKanwaZiten    10412
U+6000    kIRGHanyuDaZidian    42276.020
U+6000    kIRGKangXi    0379.050
U+6000    kIRG_GSource    0-3B33
U+6000    kIRG_KSource    2-316E
U+6000    kIRG_TSource    2-2426
U+6000    kKangXi    0379.050
U+6000    kMainlandTelegraph    2037
U+6000    kMandarin    HUAI2
U+6000    kMatthews    2233
U+6000    kMorohashi    10412
U+6000    kRSKangXi    61.4
U+6000    kRSUnicode    61.4
U+6000    kTotalStrokes    7
U+6000    kTraditionalVariant    U+61F7
U+6000    kZVariant    U+61F7

U+6001    kDefinition    manner, bearing, attitude
U+6002    kDefinition    instigate, arouse, incite
U+6003    kDefinition    regretful, disappointed
U+6004    kDefinition    annoyed
U+6005    kDefinition    disappointed, dissatisfied
U+6006    kDefinition    sad, broken-hearted, disconsolate

A grep for "door" and "window" found these definitions (manual wrapping

U+39BF    kDefinition    a window, a small door,
                        (ancient form 戶 [1]) a door, a household
U+3F70    kDefinition    (corrupted form) carved window frame on a door,
                        the windows with scattered or dispersed frames,
                        a wine filtee, with no door or window
U+7AAC    kDefinition    a small door or window; a hole in the wall to
                        cut through a wall
U+95D2    kDefinition    upper-story door or window

A search for "spam" (upper-, lower- or mixed-case) didn't find anything.

[1] "戶" == Hex E6 88 B6, UTF-8 for U+6236, "戶"
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I have that problem with plain English too.

Whatever you do - do something.

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