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What people will do to get to the top of a search list.  Like packing
pages with nothing but keywords, often made so they fade into the
background - like look at this one, which has both visible and

And that's by no means the worst!
I thought Google was supposed to be getting smarter and penalising
obvious tricks like this?  Anyone got any other examples of rubbish
search engine tricksters?


Re: Cheat Google referencing wandered down the corridor muttering...

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have you run out of ideas?

Doobie Doobie Do, da da di da da

Re: Cheat Google referencing

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The minute a Googolian sees that page they will be permanently banned.

White hat SEO methods are long term viable, though long term to show
results. Stupid black hat SEO stuff like that is trying to burn brightly in
the short space of time before being banned for good.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out which webmasters will still be around
in 5 years time will a stable full of solid websites and which ones will be
rehashing the same old newbie ground again and again on a ever changing
lineup of thowaway sites.

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