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I have done some simple political and advocacy sites in the past.  I
don't need major traffic or bandwidth, or e-commerce, or perfect
uptime.  May need blog, plus flat content of course.  I'd like to find
a host with minimal space and bandwidth (but that will stay in
business) for about $30 a year.

I've used page-zone the last couple times around.  Their downtime and
flakiness over the last couple months has scared me off of them and
it's still going on, see:

I saw a mention here of, but they're dead.

I used to use Dayana and think I will go back to them unless someone
has a better  suggestion.

Thank you !

Re: Cheap hosting for non-commerce sites

On 25 Nov 2006 09:09:39 -0800, scrawled:

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I've been very pleased with Crystal Tech ( ).  An
organization I'm with has had a site with them for a few years and the
tech support and uptime have been excellent.  My personal site with
them is at their lowest rate of $2.95/month.  They are not a cut-rate
operation and in all my dealings with them they have come across as
very professional and stable.

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Re: Cheap hosting for non-commerce sites

On 25 Nov 2006 09:09:39 -0800, wrote:

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The host I've been using since leaving MIS has been good so far, they
have a $25 a year plan with

120mb space
1500mb transfer
php (but no mysql)

I'm sure there's others with things like mysql and whatnot for near
that price, but I haven't noticed much (or any really) downtime yet
with them.

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Re: Cheap hosting for non-commerce sites

Do my site qualifies for this offer.

Tarun Bansal wrote:
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Re: Cheap hosting for non-commerce sites

I had asked about page-zone and mooseisloose, which are either down or
were down for way too long recently.

Thank you all for the input.

Here's the ones I've rounded up fwiw - I have posted this on 2 threads
in this group just to be a prick, not really, just cause I spent half
an hour and maybe it'll save someone else a half an hour.  I've not
used any of these except Dayana, which I never had a problem with
(unlike page-zone).  I have no connection to any of these.

First bunch can meet the requirements of $25/domain/year for 'n'
domains, they offer blog tools, and enough space to actually store some
$79, 1-n domains, 1 free domain, WordPress/b2Evo, 30 gb space
$94 for 1 year commitment, 1-n domains, Easyapps installer, 5 gb space

This bunch do not meet the above criteria:
$25/year, 1 domain, Fantastico (but no mySQL, which is needed for
b2evo, at this price point), 120 mb space
$4.99/year, 1 domain, no apps, 100 mb space
$15/year, 1 domain, blogs/cms, 10 mb space !
$39/year, 1 domain, no blog tools, 2 gb space

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