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I am trying to find hosting, but I am not sure what terms refer to the
type of hosting I need.

I am basically just looking to backup some files to a remote location
online to compliment our local backup and our offsite storage. My
storage requirements are about 100GB/month, and 100GB/month for
uploading. This isn't a file server that would serve files to users,
just storing incremental information (just in case). The only service
that I think I would need is an FTP server that supports resuming.

Sites dedicated to online backups charge absurd amounts, and offer all
sorts of features I don't need. Well, pretty much all hosting companies
that I've looked at offer lots of services I don't need. I don't need
high security as all of the information is either public, or will be
encrypted before being sent. The CPU requirements are almost nil to
recieve files. Uploading would only be done over the weekend on a 2mbps
connection anyway, so bandwidth overselling shouldn't be a big issue.
Retrieving files would only happen in some catastrophic event like the
building burning down, so high (99.999%) availability isn't a big
issue. Web hosting backups aren't even a big concern because the
likelyhood of a catastrophic event here and there simultaneously is
absurd. (Of course I wouldn't pick a hosting location in central Texas
near me.)

To summarize, here are my requirements:
1. 100GB storage
2. 100GB transfer/month
3. 2mbps upload access on weekends
4. FTP upload that supports resume
5. Not in central Texas (Not Austin. Houston/Dallas would be perfect)
6. Less than $100/month.

Things I don't NEED and don't care to pay for:
1. HTTP access.
2. Databases
3. Email
4. Incredible weekday uptime.
5. Fancy administration pages.
6. Encrypted/secure data.
7. Lots of processing power
8. Lots or RAM.

What kind of plan would this be?  What companies should I be looking


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[low-cost online storage]

Gap in the market, anyone?

Charles Sweeney

Re: Cheap and sizeable online storage

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You need to be looking at Dedicated Servers to configure how you want.

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Fleeing from the madness of the No thank you jungle
and said:

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well - at around 50/month ( I'd happily consider setting up a  
server dedicated to the task.  Certainly the bandwidth is not an issue and  
with that profile of requirements the ongoing management effort would be  
fairly minimal.  All depends on how long the o/p is prepared to sign up  
for - somewhere along the line I have to recoup the cost of a server.

William Tasso

Re: Cheap and sizeable online storage wrote:
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I called Godaddy support at 480-505-8877 and spoke with Jessica
that they would not cut off someone's account for moving 20GB of data
over the weekend, and having all the way up to 100GB of data on the
server. She also advised that the servers didn't support resumed
uploading, but that I could get a client that did. She then told me to
get "acute FTP", by which I assume she meant "Cute FTP". This was all
in reference to the Godaddy "Premium Plan" which offers 100GB of
storage and 1000GB of transfer/month for $14.99. This occured at
15:23-0500 GMT.


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