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I have made my own java based chat I want to know where can I host this

for free. i have created it in my website only.

plz help me out

Re: Chat Server help wrote:

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As I told you when you asked the same question in this newsgroup almost
a week ago, this can be set up on just about any free web host,
depending on the traffic load of your website.

Where is the Java applet (the filename is usually *.class, *.zip, *.jar
or *.cab) itself hosted? Is it hosted on a different server, or will it
be hosted on your web space?

If the latter is the case, it will all depend on the server load, ie.
how many visitors will be using the chat applet at the same time.

But if the applet itself is hosted elsewhere, it doesn't really matter
where you host it. You can even use Yahoo! GeoCities or find a free
webhost here: /

If, however, you have a Java server application (ie. not an applet),
then I don't think there are any free webhosts out there that can do
this for you, unless you plan on making a special deal with a paid
webhosting provider.

Kim André Akerø
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Re: Chat Server help

Kim André Akerø wrote:
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I wouldn't have thought so. The Java applet that visitors use is only part
of the story.

The applet needs to be able to open a connection to a chat server, so that
the visitors can actually communicate with other people. (Although simply
talking to themselves may be an option for some people!)

Because of the Java security model, the Java applet can only open a
connection back to the server it came from. Thus the "free web host" will
need to allow you to install and run services on other ports -- there
aren't even many *paid* hosts that will let you do this!

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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