Chat room software thats not full of errors like digichat? Any ideas?

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After having used digi chat for a number of years and recently upgraded
to the latest verison of Digi-chat 5 we have found it to be absolute
rubbish! There are still huge faults in their software which enable
hackers to enter rooms, lock rooms, kick users, delete rooms and more.
basically they are able to take over administrator accounts. Diginet
have said this is not a fault in their product - what else could it be?
Their product support team are often rude / abrupt also - ! For
example, one suggestion of a solution was to downgrade to digichat 4 -
however that has the same hacking problems!!!

How a company can produce a so called "flagship" product yet not be
able to fix it is beyond me!

Any alternative chat room software advice that is secure would be


Re: Chat room software thats not full of errors like digichat? Any ideas?

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