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Does anybody know of any 3rd party programs that will let me charge
users for every pdf downloaded from my website.  I'm thinking of using
paypal and they could pay $10 that would allow them to download 10


Re: Charging per PDF Download

Peter wrote:
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Once they're downloaded, how will youstop people from sharing the files
around amongst their friends....I've often wondered about this myself, and
would be intrigued to hear any ideas on how this could be combatted....


Re: Charging per PDF Download

Fleeing from the madness of the ntlworld News Service jungle
and said:

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gee whizz - that's simple :)

define your own document format
define your own two part encryption
Write an app which knows how to play by your own rules.

see?  trivial <g>

of course there's still nothing to stop your ever-so-keen republisher  
scaning a screencap through an OCR.

William Tasso

whither a trophy?

Re: Charging per PDF Download

Swampy Bogtrotter wrote

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As with any file (or CD, DVD, software) like this, you can't prevent
people sharing or copying it.

Most of my income comes from selling a file.  I am well aware that
people can copy it and share it.  I do all that one can do in this
regard, as with software suppliers, I issue a copyright notice warning
against copying/sharing.

In my case sales have been consistent over the five years I have offered
it, if anything it's been getting busier more recently.

My file is for a niche market.  If it was something that had widespread
appeal, it might be a different story.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Charging per PDF Download

Peter wrote:
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That's easy - the hard part is charging them. Unless you have
extra-premium content, then the price per PDF has to be quite low or
people simply won't buy. You thus need a microcharging scheme rather
than a more common credit card charger.  Their card (or whatever
payment mechanism) is charged infrequently for a sizable amount (that's
not dwarfed by handling charges) and the micro-charges per download are
handled within their system.

I did some stuff with this (UK) about 2 years ago and used "BT's Click
& Buy"
Simple enough to set up, and the charging part worked fine.  is another UK service worth looking at

As to the content protection, then the easiest way (and often the only
practical way) is to sell reasonably priced content to people who are
unlikely to have another convenient source for it. Sell things they
can't just blag from their friends, because their friends and
neighbours are unlikely to have already bought it (i.e. gamers are a
bad market, because they'll trade one copy around on-line).  Adobe also
offer some tools, but nothing really heavyweight.

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