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Re: Charging clients

their throat and muttered...
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Once you've uploaded the site and it's live the client knows you've finished
the job.

It forms part of your original quote / final invoice and should be treated as
such. What if you were to ask for payment for the upload and the client refused
the "extras" ?

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Re: Charging clients

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generally i'm doing other things while uploading, so the only real time i
spend is launching/cueing filezilla and verifying the upload at the end.
that's what, 10 minutes? the software is doing the work, not me.

if i have to fight with it for some reason not my fault, i'm billing for
the time spend fighting with the thing if it's one of those 'maintenance
request at hourly rate' things. more typically, it's a bid job and
uploading/etc. fits into the minimum 20% of project cost that i represent
as project manager.

Re: Charging clients

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That's far too much detail - I try to avoid exposing the plumbing to  

As for cost - build it in to the price unless they pay by the hour, in  
which case you have to detail it.

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Re: Charging clients

Pondering the eternal question of "Hobnobs or Rich Tea?", William Tasso
finally proclaimed:

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Oh I never tell them *exactly* what I am doing, just that "their site
will be ready in x hours" and then it magically appears!

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Sounds reasonable enough.

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Re: Charging clients

On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 13:58:28 +0000, in alt.www.webmaster , Dylan Parry

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In once sense you should charge for whatever you can get paid for. In
another, you should charge for what something costs. In the real world
we hope that our prices are above the costs even if they are not all
that we could possibly get.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, let's discuss reality. Fees
should be a combination of fixed and variable, that is hourly and
non-hourly, costs. There is a real cost to you for the hardware and
such. It has some lifetime and some cost to run and so on. You buy a
particular Internet connection and not another. Try to get a
reasonable idea of this cost so you can work it into your estimates.

For this particular issue you need to separate, and charge for, your
work to upload and your actual cost to upload. And you should make a
profit on both.

Matt Silberstein

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