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  I don't think too much about character encoding, but perhaps I should.

I was doing some AJAX stuff and had set the character encoding to UTF-8.
  What happened was that special characters started coming out looking
like funny symbols:

“Quotes” came out looking like little boxes like this:


   So I'm wondering what exactly is going on, is this a problem with
converting content from ISO-8559-1 to UTF-8 and in which direction (to
UTF-8 or from UTF-8)?

  What should I set the server for, or should I set this in the page?


Re: character encoding

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That FF thing is what you get when the browser thought it was looking at
UTF-8 but got a sequence of octets that didn't make sense in UTF-8.

    "U+FFFD: used to replace an incoming character whose value is
    unknown or unrepresentable in Unicode"

The font doesn't have a glyph for U+FFFD (some do) so you got that
useful square with the codepoint in it. It will do the same for any
codepoint for which it has no glyph.

So probably your data is actually ISO-8559-1, or something, but not

Re: character encoding

On 02/22/09 03:20 pm, Jeff wrote:
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  What does "doing AJAX stuff" mean? Cleaning the sink?
  If all you did was change the character encoding value, it is not
surprising that the rendering is incorrect. The source needs to be created
as utf-8 as well.

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Re: character encoding

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And to do the latter, you need to set your text editor to save docs in
the appropriate way, and the server too and the FTP program. It is a
very witchcrafty affair and I have found that boiling frogs' eyes and
throwing them over the computer monitor before upload helps...



Re: character encoding

dorayme wrote:
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   I think I'd rather translate, if that is doable. I don't know how
many authors I have working on sites I've set up, but it is well over
50. It's no trivial matter to get so many on the same page as far as
setting  character set. Almost all these problems come from pasting in
content and each of those programs that are copied from have to be set
to UTF-8, not doable, I think.

   Remember, I don't write content. My clients do.


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