Changing Registrar away from Network Solutions

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I've used Network Solutions for the past two years to both host my
website and to handle my Domain Name Registration.  My subscription to
both services is about to expire, and I'd love to find somebody else
for both things (because I've found that Network Solutions is really
expensive and not all that good...).  So, I have two questions:

1.  What do I have to do to get NS to let go of my current URL so I
can transfer to another company?
2.  Are there any recommendations for a company that can provide both
of these services affordably (my website is quite simple and pretty



Re: Changing Registrar away from Network Solutions wrote:
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They make it very difficult to change DNR, but IMHO provide very good
service. I would recommend leaving the DNR with them and moving the
hosting.  It is much easier and the biggest savings.  Additionally, it
is a good idea to have the DNR and hosting at separate places.

I am quite happy with interAdvantage for hosting. (3 years now)

TK /
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Re: Changing Registrar away from Network Solutions

TK wrote:
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I agree you should use different companies for DNR and hosting, but I
wouldn't use NS.  They're way too expensive.  People here will give you
several recommendations, but I prefer GoDaddy for DNR.

I suggest you look in for hosting
recommendations.  Before you do, however, you need to list your
requirements on a sheet of paper - things like disk space, bandwidth, #
of email accounts, languages/databases required, etc.  These will help
you make a more intelligent decision as to what you are looking for.
And any recommendations without this information are pretty much like
telling you "I think you should buy a Volkswagen because that's what I
have and I'm happy with it" - without knowing what your needs are (6
kids in a VW Rabbit? :-) ).

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Re: Changing Registrar away from Network Solutions

Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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That's not as funny as you think. When I was about 6 years old the only
family car we had for a while was a VW Beetle. How many kids was that? 7

My little brother and I squeezed into that compartment behind the back
seat, plus 4 kids in the back seat and a baby on mom's lap. We went to
church every Sunday in that car.

Of course, just because I know it can be done doesn't mean I'd recommend
it to anyone else. ;)


Re: Changing Registrar away from Network Solutions


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Agreed. You really do get what you pay for, even with DNR.  Their
customer service for Domain Name Hosting is and always has been the
best.  Do you pay a bit more?  Sure.  But it's worth it when you need
it most.
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