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Re: changing IP address

On Mar 9, 1:35 am, "Beauregard T. Shagnasty"
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Our quest for excellence doesn't prevent us from being entertaining as
well ...

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Re: changing IP address

Viper wrote:

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I didn't see any spam, snakepiss?

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Re: changing IP address,

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Use a proxy server. A Google search will yield lots of free proxy
servers with web interfaces available for your use. Here are a few to
get you started: / / /

Some web sites block the IPs of known proxy servers, so you may have to
search around till you find one that works with all the sites you want
to visit.

You can also access proxy servers by adjusting the settings within your
browser. I'd rather not take the time to explain it, so I'll refer you
to Google for info on how to do that.


Re: changing IP address

Red E. Kilowatt wrote:

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And you can vouch for the first one in that list, cant you Kenny? It
being the one you use yourself and all...


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