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I need some help.

I sent an email to a software company that I purchased a cgi script from.
They sent me a new cgi script and told me to simply replace the
old cgi script on my server with the new one.

So - I simply opened up WS_FTP9.0 --- and del the old cgi script from
the right pane - and transfered up the new cgi script from the left pane.
Fine!  That was easy.

However, When I fo to my site and try to execute the script - I get CGI

I'm not totally  sure on this - but I think it's because I am suppose to
transfer up cgi files differently using FTP - than I would with my ordinary
graphics, text and html files.

So, I went back to WS_FTP - but I seee no definite instructions on how to do
this.  Would anyone be able to give me step-by-step instructions
on just how I am suppose to properly upload cgi files using WS_FTP 9.0?

Thans so Much in Advance!!!


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Re: CGI Error Help

Boy Meets Web wrote:
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Check file permissions carefully.  Check that the CGI files you transfer
are going into the directory specified for that purpose by your
sysadmin.  Check that any file that gets written-to has proper
permissions.  I assume your scripts are in Perl??  Check that the cgi
scripts have the right path to your Perl interpreter/compiler at the
very top of each executable file.  Maybe...


...are just some of the possibilities of where your Perl is.  Just call
'which perl' at the command line to find out the proper path.
No matter what language the script is for, the #! (shebang) line at the
top of each script file should be referencing the proper location of the
mbstevens /

Re: CGI Error Help

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I once uploaded some CGI files to my server using WSFTP_LE and had the
Binary box ticked instead of the ASCII box. The script didn't work.

I then re-uploaded them with the ASCII box ticked and the script worked.

Hope that works for you, good luck.


Re: CGI Error Help

after careful consideration, Boy Meets Web wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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1.  check that your /path/to/perl is correct
2.  make sure to upload your script in ASCII format, not binary
3.  check that you have set file permissions correctly

That should do it for you.


- M

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