-- what happened?

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Threaded View has been a web host for years.

Now doesn't even have a dns entry.

What's going on?  Anybody know?

Re: -- what happened?

But wait... is still registered to the same folks in
Miami, and doesn't expire until 11-Apr-2007.  It's just www.cfm- that doesn't have an ip address.

And the company IS still in business, operating at

This gets stranger and stranger...  I give up! Anybody know what's going on

Re: -- what happened?

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Now we know.  Email from CFM-Resources:

CFM-Resources.Com (February 21st, 2006 - Miami, Florida)

We would like to thank all of our customers and friends who have helped
make CFM-Resources.Com a success and an exciting place to work over these
past six years.

We have decided it is now time to move on and effective March 1st, 2006
we will be closing our doors.

We've had a great time: making friends, turning you on to the web
programming language we love so deeply, and learning from y'all, too.
But, now we're looking forward to achieving manyother things in our
lives. A chapter ends, but the book isn't finished.

Please log into your accounts and download your files, database files,
email and anything else you would like to backup as none of your data
will be available after March 1st, 2006.

Thanks again for the memories,
The CFM-Resources Team! /

Re: -- what happened?

And lo, Jim Land <RrrrFfffTttt> didst speak in,alt.www.webmaster:

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Translation:  "We discovered (PHP | ASP | Ruby on Rails | Lua | Python |  
our older brother's stash of weed) so we're ditching you bozos!"



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Re: -- what happened?

On Wed, 22 Feb 2006 15:09:51 -0500, GreyWyvern wrote:

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Stuff happens.  But it pretty much sucks that they're only giving a week's
notice that they're going down.

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Re: -- what happened?

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I had an ISP in 1995 who simply quit billing for two months. Although I
was a sucker and sent them my monthly fee whether they wanted it or not,
one day I simply couldn't connect anymore. It wasn't a pain to me, as I
was just learning about this "stuff" and I had nothing of importance on
the server. I was forced to find a viable ISP. The defunct ISP's  major
creditor was Sun, I think.
I miss my old shell account. It's more fun to legally monkey with
someone elses computer than your own :-(



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