Certificate Authorities ... Can you help pls

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Hi folks,

can you help me please?

I am setting up a small ecommerce site for someone on a shoestring.
There is a secure section to the site and so a certificate is needed to
provide that comfort level.

However, I'm a bit out of my depth here. There are a lot of them at
varying prices.

Can the professionals perhaps offer some advice on what I should be
looking for and how much I should be expecting to pay?

How do I tell whether any particular CA itself can be trusted?
How do I tell whether or not their particular cert is supported by, at
the very least, the majority browsers (i.e. IE, FireFox, Safari) for the
majority OS's?

I found a couple of things while searching, but that then became
information overload. And consequently, I feel like I'm drowning. If you
could break it down to building blocks, that would be nice.

Obviously, I know a cert. guarantees the authenticity of a site.
As I understand it, the CA's root cert gets installed with the browser
When a surfer navigates to a secure site, that site's cert. is compared
against the root cert. in the browser.

But the who, how, what, how much is all a bit OTT.

Or alternatively, if you have a favourite you know of and use, I would
be grateful?

Any assistance, gratefully received.



Re: Certificate Authorities ... Can you help pls

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http://www.qualityssl.com /

Excellent pricing, and I am continually amazed by their support.

Not yet found a browser that has problems with them.

Very responsive team.

Highly highly recommended!


Re: Certificate Authorities ... Can you help pls

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I think they are a Comodo reseller.
In my experience the Comodo certs have better compatibility than the
Geotrust or other alternatives and are hard to beat.

Our ordering systems use Comodo certs and we have never had a browser
compatibility issue.

Gordon Hudson || Hostroute.com Ltd
e-mail:ghudson [at] hostroute.net
http://www.hostroute.com/resellers Host 5 web sites for $9 per month
http://www.nameroute.com/ Domain Names with free hosting and email $15

Re: Certificate Authorities ... Can you help pls

Carved in mystic runes upon the very living rock, the last words of
Gordon Hudson of alt.www.webmaster make plain:

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I'll second that. I get my certs through my hosting company (pair.com),
for $50/year. They resell for Comodo, and I've had no complaints. When
they first started offering them, there was a minor compatibility issue,
I don't even remember what it was, but it was fixed with just one email.

Alan Little
Phorm PHP Form Processor
http://www.phorm.com /

Re: Certificate Authorities ... Is this how it really works?

Alan Little wrote:
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Thank you all for your replies thus far.

I need to have a rant to get this off my chest. Forgive me pls.

Interestingly enough, I have already started down the process of
purchsing from Comodo (or instantssl.com) directly. However, based on
their replies I am starting to wonder about the validity of their certs.

I asked for a trial cert. in the name of the company (xyz Aust.) which
will be using the domain (xy-z.net.au). The domain registrant however,
on the whois record shows another company (ABC pty ltd).  They knocked
it back claiming they want the Domain registrant to match the company
name applying for the cert. That's not the way this company is set up.

I have emailed them FROM BOTH the email account shown as the domain
registrant contact AND from xy-z.net.au.

I also provided them with an official governmental certificate of
Business Name registration clearly showing that ABC pty ltd,  listed as
the Domain registrant, is the "Proprietor" of the business xyz Aust.

They could simply check the smtp headers of all the emails I have sent
and/or do dig/nslookups on the domain names to see that they presently
all resolve to the same IP/host. If they trust the domain registrant,
then this should be proof enough.

But what do they want me to do?

Provide them a letter (effectively a Word doc) ... on "official company
letterhead" stating I am who I am and that xyz Aust. owns ABC p/l (which
it doesn't. It's the other way around).

I fail to see how that validates the company. I can type up a Word
letterhead in 20 min. (So why don't I? I will, but that's not the point.)

I can see what's happening. A larger organisation has processes in place
and minions are told to follow the process irrespective. What ever the
hell happened to using your own head and doing a job correctly?

How can these certs be trusted if this is the way the 2nd largest
provider on the planet behaves? Who do they have working in these

Is this really how the system works?



Re: Certificate Authorities ... Is this how it really works?

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Get the free 30 day cert.
Respected Authority.
If you have a phone, you've got a working CERT in 10 mins.

Tip. When you get the free, they send you an email once a week dropping the
price so you buy it.
Drops to $29 ;)


Re: Certificate Authorities ... Is this how it really works?

Quoth Allis in alt.www.webmaster

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Thanks Allis

# www.mattlindi.com
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Re: Certificate Authorities ... Can you help pls


I researched quite a few certificate authorities when I was purchasing
a certificate and decided on XRamp because they offer so much for a
great price.

The certificates are 256-bit capable and class 3, so its more trusted
than domain validated only certificates, which can be easily faked.
I've never had any trouble with browser compatibility, it seems that
these certificates are supported by the majority of browsers.

I also needed a lot of help installing the certificate because I was
new to the whole thing, and the support team was very helpful, guiding
me through the entire process.

I hope this helps,


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