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Something I am thinking about for my company is getting into instant
cellphone messaging...

Like you might have seen the ads on tv for the "Joke a Day" services or
getting your horoscope sent to you on your cellphone... you text a message
to a certain number and then every day they send you whatever it is you
subscribed to every day for 99 cents a message.

What I want to do is allow people to sign up online with their information
(address, zipcode, company, frequency to getting information, etc) and then
they are given their code (IE: "AAA12345") that they text to us.

On our end, the system will send them a notice however often the customer
specified (one a day, twice a week, etc) and send them a list of the current
daily or weekly specials of all restaurants on our system within a certain
block radius (specified by the user) based upon their zipcode.


- Joe User signs up online and enters his zipcode of 90025 (Los Angeles) and
says he is interested in all restaurants in a 4 block radius.
- The system then will show Joe a list of all restaurants that meet his
criteria (within the 4 block radius) which he can either SELECT ALL or pick
specific restaurants to get information from.
- Joe User then specifies how often he wants the information:  daily,
weekdays only, no holidays, once a week, only on friday, etc...

If Joe says he wants it daily and include coupons, he might get something

Joe's Pizza @ 123 Main Street
     Any 3 toppings personal pizza for only $3.99
Betty's Fish and Chips @ 456 Broadway Ave
     3 pieces cod and fries for $4.99
Subway @ 111 Beach Avenue
     Italian BMT: 6" for $2.49 or Footlong for $4.49
Quiznos @ 222 Park Drive
     Make any sub a meal for only $1.00 more!

And then below there might be a coupon for Jim's Diner, along the lines of:
--- JIM'S DINER ---
- 444 Broadway Ave -
Valid: Sept 5 to 9th, 2005
Offer valid only at this location
and not valid with other specials
or promotions.

The above information would be no problem, including the "what restaurants
are in a X block radius of a certain zipcode" but what I am wondering on is
things like:
- What do you call this technology?  If I were to Google for how to do this
or companies that provide a service for this, what would I look up?
- When it comes to charging for this service... is the customer
automatically billed by their cellphone company?  Or can we specify billing
options?  IE: I am thinking if the cost of this service is 50 cents and we
aren't looking to make a profit off it... we might charge the customer 25
cents per message and then if, as an example, 10 restaurants were in their
service area we would spread the remaining 25 cents of the cost over those
10 restaurants (billing them 2.5 cents each to send their specials out)...
or just charge the restaurants the whole thing or one flat fee and the
customer pays nothing and so we wouldn't want them billed.... or if
something happened like in the example above Joe picked 5 restaurants and
DID NOT pick the local "Chipotle" restaurant (denoting that he is not
interested in them) I might then charge Chipotle a small fee to send Joe a
good coupon so they can try to get his business away from the other

Any help is appreciated in this,



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