Caveats to self hosting

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I'm thinking of moving my web host in-house, literally.  The only
broadband provider to my home is Time Warner, and using their standard
home service for about 4 years now I've been VERY pleased.. it's not
100% uptime, but dang near close.  I've gotten a quote from Time
Warner of $120/month for 7Megs down and 1Meg up plus 5 static IP
addresses.  I know, this is steep compared to DSL, but there are no
DSL providers in my area.  Also I think 1Mbps would be plenty for the
5-10 sites I hope to host.

Any caveats to hosting at home?


Re: Caveats to self hosting

On 26 Mar 2007 13:45:40 -0700, Alex put finger to keyboard and typed:

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The main problem is that you've got no-one else to blame if anything
goes seriously wrong! Also, you need to accept that if you're away for
a a while and something does go wrong, then your sites could be
offline for a while as well. Backups can be a problem too - if your
sites are hosted elsewhere then you can back them up to your home
network, but if your home network is hosting your sites then you need
to find offsite backup somewhere.

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Re: Caveats to self hosting

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You can host the 10 sites with many hosting companies for a lot less than
$120/month. At home you're dedicating a server, pay electricity.. etc. What
happens if the server crashes and no one's home? 1Meg upstream from a cable
company doesn't not mean a clear 1meg pipe all the time. You don't get a
QOS from a cable company. You get support from the hosting company if
something goes wrong.

Basically there are no advantages for hosting at home other than being able
to see and hear the physical server!


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