Catch-All Email vs List Of Addresses

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I have been using a "catch-all" email setup for some time.  This
means that, any username @ gets to my mailbox.

That includes addresses like  
And alphabet approaches.  And usernames that I don't know where
it came from.

I have been doing a two-pronged approach.  First, I log on to my
host's webmail interface.  There, I purge the trash.  This dumps
messages that got killed by my huge "From" and "Subject" keyword
filters on that interface.  Then, I download to Eudora, with
another huge "From," "Subject," and "Body" filter.

I still have to manually dump many spams per day.

Occasionally, someone will send legit email to something other
than, webmaster@

However, a majority of the rubbish is being sent to spammy
usernames, and I have decided that, I don't need the aggravation
anymore.  It is time to white-list, by setting up my host's email
function to only pass certain usernames @


What usernames would you suggest white-listing?







forum@ (for me as moderator)

domains@ (I use this for registration contact)

Plus, making a specific new mail alias for specific functions.

OTOH, one cool thing about a catch-all is that, I can make a
spur-of-the-moment post or submission, with or maybe  And I
just do it without any further hassle.  This helps to see if
anyone is selling addresses, or I can quickly set my mail client
to flag responses as important.

Another issue is that, I collect 419 and lottery scam spams to
post on one of my sites ( http://www.MinistryOfPrivacy.Com )  
Sometimes they come in to addresses that would be dumped by a
tighter system.

Comments, please?

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Re: Catch-All Email vs List Of Addresses

Coffee's For Closers wrote:
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Whichever ones you advertise you use.

You need "postmaster", for bounces, etc.  Otherwise, it's pretty much up
to you.  For instance, I normally set up "webmaster" to forward to me
(with my customer's permission, of course).  Some people want "sales",
some don't.  And so on.

I then set up a catchall for the rest, and have them going to a separate

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Re: Catch-All Email vs List Of Addresses

SpamAssassin, if your host has that available, should kill off most of the


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Re: Catch-All Email vs List Of Addresses

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Please use in examples. Domains you make up might be
registered and if you make up an email address to a domain that's not
yours the result might very well be spam going there.

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I use roughly the following steps:

1) if the part in front of the @ is too long, the email is rejected
2) check if the email is in a blacklist (spamhause) if so, reject
3) check if the virtual account (part in front of the @ exists)
4) run email through spam assassin

And this does work magic, I see less than 10 spams/day in the inbox of
two of my domains, also because spam flagged with a score of 5 and
higher ends up in Trash email folder(s).

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Yeah, been there, done that. I used a Perl program that logged into my
POP accounts and did first some major cleaning up. After a while it's a
waste of time.

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abuse@, postmaster@ and a few more is what I have.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Did that too. And in the end you either find out that some forum gets
crawled very fast and another email address ends up with loads of spam,
costing more time (and in the end, always, money).

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With SpamAssassin you could whitelist those ;-) (By giving a
low/negative score to all the rules related with 419/lottery).

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