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While I could certainly write my own captcha generation code, I hoping
to find some company who has already done such a thing and is selling
their implementation.

Basically, my concern is that to do it right is not trivial and to
respond quickly to someone using a captcha solver is not something I'd
necessarily have time for.

Any recommendations?

Googling 'commercial captcha product' did turn up, but it
appears that one can only generate captchas over the web. I would like
the generation to happen solely in-house.

Re: Captcha Generation: Commercial Product

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There are as far as I know several free implementations. Problem is the
more a CAPTCHA is used, the higher the probability that someone has
already written software able to solve it. The harder a captcha is for
bots, the harder it is for humans. I would say much harder for humans.

I always strongly recommend not to use a CAPTCHA but to report each and
every spam incident. Some ISPs /do/ disconnect their customers and have
them clean up their computer before reconnecting. Which means you can kill
one bot in a bot net. Some hosting providers /do/ delete their customer's
site(s) after a complaint, meaning you can make thousands of spammed links
useless with one email.

YMMV, but the whole issue is growing fast. Faster then email spam in my
experience. And email spam has already grown at a crazy rate.

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Re: Captcha Generation: Commercial Product

Eric wrote:

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Does it have to be commercial?

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Re: Captcha Generation: Commercial Product

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No, but I believe when someone asks for and receives money for a
product, the more likely they are to improve and maintain it. There
are some notable exceptions, of course....

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Had trouble installing this one:

Starting to download Text_CAPTCHA-0.2.0.tgz (12,604 bytes)
.....done: 12,604 bytes
Release for            Release for 'text_captcha' dependency
'text_captcha'         'Image_Text' has state 'beta', requires
dependency             'stable'
'Numbers_Words' has
state 'beta', requires
install failed

Doesn't look like Numbers_Words can be installed in a manner that will
satisfy Text_Captcha...although, this is the first time I've used
Pear, so there may be a way that I am not aware of.

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No release with state equal to: 'stable' found for 'Numbers_Words'

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