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I want to send my friends a custom candy baskets and I heard that there
were some website or place that lets you pick what candy goes into the
basket. I really want to get their favorite candies in there. Dies
anyone have any ideas of where to get that?


Re: Candy Baskets

On 30 Dec 2005 wrote:

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You're not really in the right place to ask that (this newsgroup is for
issues related to running and maintaining a web site) but I'll try to
give you an answer anyway.

First, it would have helped if you had given your location (or the
location of your friends).  There could be a store close to you or
them that would provide better service that some other store on a
completely different continent (and with less problems of packages
going through customs).

A Google search for "candy baskets" finds about 60800 entries: =

Some of the first entries (that are not about making your own baskets):

Candy Baskets - Candy Gift Baskets - Gourmet Candy

"Get Well"


Israel Gift Baskets and israel Fruit baskets Delivery Center 24h service

Deluxe Candy Baskets

Try adding more keywords ("custom" or the names of the candies you want
or your location for example) to narrow down the search to the appropriate
geographical area and to stores that have the candy you want.

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Re: Candy Baskets

On 30 Dec 2005 Norman L. DeForest wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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When did that start?


Re: Candy Baskets

Suddenly, without warning, exclaimed (31-Dec-05 4:33 AM):
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Well, you're really in the wrong place for this, but the only places I
can think of are: (custom M&Ms) (they have buckets of mixed goodies and candy
stuff too)

(I'm still trying to figure out how you thing a webmasters group was an
appropriate place to ask, but hey, I'm a nice person and it's the new year)

Re: Candy Baskets

On Sun, 01 Jan 2006 10:04:31 +0000, jmc

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Perhaps because he knows there are so many SWEET people here? <bg>


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