Can you recommend a free/freeware utility to divide our .PST files by date?

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Can anyone recommend a (free) software utility to divide our archived
Outlook2003 .PST files by date?

My colleague has an .OST file that is 2.9GB and his archive .PST file
is a similar size. For now he is stuck with aging WindowsXP Pro
computers with just 1GB of RAM. The emails go back for the last 10
years, and most of the large attachments that can be deleted have been
deleted. My plan is to create 2 or 3 archive .PST files with their
contents divided by year. We have a near zero budget for this. I was
thinking of running the Outlook2003 archive function across one PST
file to archive the contents into an new .PST file, but from previous
experience this can provide rather unreliable results!

So I am looking for a freeware to help divide up the .PST archives by
date. e.g. We might create:

Any suggestions?

with thanks


Re: Can you recommend a free/freeware utility to divide our .PST files by date?

On Thursday, January 19, 2012 9:42:54 AM UTC-5, ship wrote:
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I don't know of a utility, but what I did was just create a series of diffe=
rent PST files (Personal Folders, I think?), then created a message filter =
in Outlook to move everything manually.

When it was done, I just closed the Personal Folders for the older dates.

That was a few years ago, so I don't remember the exact details, but this w=
as the basic logic. Since then, I switched to Thunderbird, but I kind of re=
gret it. Outlook was slow as molasses, but I have speed issues with TBird, =
too, so I don't know that the work to move everything over was worth it. Th=
e calendar on TBird is much more inferior, too; a feature that I didn't rea=
lize was important until I had already made the change.

Re: Can you recommend a free/freeware utility to divide our .PST files by date?

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With zero budget and for just one collegue, I would have thought doing it
the manual way in Outlook would be as quick as any other method. Personally
I wouldn't use the archive function in Outlook for this, I would move emails
around manually instead.

However you end up doing it, don't forget to ensure that those .pst files
are backed up.
 Brian Cryer

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