Can website and E-Mail be hosted by different companies?

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Do DNS records allow such a separation?

Such as Email on and web hosting on,
yet both E-Mail and web site have the same url.

I'd like to find a good E-Mail host and just stay with them continuously.

But as vendors evolve offerings on complex customized web sites, we may change
hosts from time to time and want to avoid the E-mail disruption as much as

Re: Can website and E-Mail be hosted by different companies?

Red Taylor wrote:
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Yes. Look into "MX records" they are how you specify what host deals
with email for a domain.

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Re: Can website and E-Mail be hosted by different companies?


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    Check out ZoneEdit ( ).  It is a free
DNS service (up to five domains for free, you start paying a little
after your sixth domain name or exceed an enormous quota of

    You can point any of your subdomain records anywhere you want
to.  It supports A, AAAA (IPv6), and MX records, CNAMES, and Domain
Parking.  You can point to an IP address or CNAME,
your MX record to an entirely different server.  And you can create
other subdomains for other purposes if you need them.  

    It even supports dynamic DNS (dynamic DNS is when you have a
server on a dynamic IP address.  You can install a utility on your
server that will update the DNS record when your hosting provider or
DHCP server changes your IP address.  You can make it work even if you
are running the Webserver on a private IP address inside your network,
though this method requires a NAT translation to be installed on your
router).  You have to buy the utility from a third party provider, but
I got one for a mere fifteen dollars.  

    ZoneEdit is great if you are setting up your own Webserver or
if you want to create subdomains at different IP addresses.  Unless
you have a static IP address and are willing to run your server
without a domain name, it's the best solution for an at home or small
office Webserver.  

    I've been using it for years and I've never noticed any
problems with it.  



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