Can Nameservers Point to Wrong IP Address?

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Sorry for the long post . . . erring on the side of more detail than the
lack thereof.

I was notified by the customer Friday (a few weeks back) night that their
site was showing a wrong page (looking like domain registrar's parking
page), she's in Kalamazoo MI. Since it was working OK for me in Georgia, it
wasn't until the next day, Saturday that I send a note to the web host
through's web site (was when I signed up a year or
more ago). [the domain/web site in question is]  On the
same day I put in a trouble ticket, not knowing what the problem was, as the
site was *still* displaying OK for me. I did shortly thereafter (still
Saturday) receive an acknowledgement email from saying they got
the ticket and would advise. And either that night or Sunday they advised by
email they were looking at the issue and would report. That was the last
update I got from them until late Wednesday night when I received their
notification that they were closing the ticket since they had not heard from
me in 48 hours. I thought that was strange since I had been doing my own
research, checking Who Is, and IP lookups to see what information was being
reported and reporting to them!  I even changed the name servers on Godaddy
where the domain is registered to Godaddy's own domain parking DNS to see if
the displayed page changed to the Godaddy parking page (which it did).  I
emailed Xnetnow all this data and pictures, reporting to them since Saturday
through Tuesday - about 4 emails, sending those emails to the same address
shown on their note to me, support Never heard any reply to
any of my emails. I even opened a Trouble Ticket referencing the original
Trouble Ticket! The only reply I got from them was the acknowledgement email
and the "closing this Trouble Ticket as we haven't heard from you in 48
hours" email!

The change to the DNS entry on Godaddy did result with the customer in
Kalamazoo seeing Godaddy's parking page.  And when I put it back to the web
host's nameservers the incorrect page displayed again for her.

Since closed the ticket Wednesday I looked for a new host, found, which had been recommended by someone on this newsgroup a
long while back.

Even's own web site was not working correctly: I could see the
link to my 2 Trouble Tickets on the Client Area but the link to show the
details opened a blank page, no trouble ticket details - no matter what
browser I used. Also, the Knowledge base area of their site would only list
the questions and categories but when you actually clicked on a question the
link sent you back to the list of questions. Never to an answer!

Until this time has been trouble free. But my customer's site
was down for 6 days, and since I could get no reply from Xnetnow about the
trouble in spite of my repeatedly emailing them (and Godaddy told me when I
called them that it was not their issue, it must be the host's issue), my
only resolution was to buy service at another host to see what that did. And
thank God that solved the problem. So it seems likely that the issue was
that somehow the Xnetnow's name server was pointing the domain to the wrong IP address, even though that same DNS
address on my 5 other domains with Xnetnow (all shared hosting) pointed
correctly (at least no one has told me differently). I just don't understand
how the DNS can point the domain to a wrong IP address for one person in
Michigan, but point it correctly to Texas, Georgia, and New Jersey viewers.
And now that the site is on's name servers my customer is
seeing their correct web site. The domain propagated within an hour when I
moved it to Even when I changed the nameserver on Godaddy
to their own parking page the domain propagated correctly within an hour,
and my customer did see the Godaddy page instead of the incorrect page they
had been seeing.

So, even though the problem is now resoled by moving to a new host, have you
ever heard of a domain being pointed to an incorrect web site/IP address
even when the hosts nameservers are correctly utilized?  Or was it possible
something on Godaddy's DNS service translated the domain to the wrong IP
address, even though they stated it was not their issue?

I if the picture of the incorrect page is helpful to see or if the WhoIs
result is helpful to see, I can display a link for these upon request (I
don't have one at this writing).

I'm just curious at this point.


Re: Can Nameservers Point to Wrong IP Address?

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This does sound like a DNS issue. If a DNS server is giving out the wrong IP
addresses then some people will get directed to the wrong server.

If I do "ping" or "nslookup" I'm
seeing the IP address I'm assuming this is the same as YOU
see. It would be interesting to find out what IP address your customer sees
who sees the wrong site. If its different (and I suspect it is) then this is
probably DNS hijacking. gives
you a brief intro. What you do about this is an interesting question (since
I've no experience of this). I suspect the problem affects either just this
one customer or everyone who is using the same ISP. In the first instance
I'd find out what DNS settings they are using - are they their ISPs (they
should be) or somewhere else. If its the ISPs then its probably a case of
opening a ticket with the ISP.

If you do get to the bottom of it please post back and let us know.
 Brian Cryer

Re: Can Nameservers Point to Wrong IP Address?

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I could have added a few more details but it would bloat an already long
post.  But . . .

My customer in Kalamazoo saw the wrong page on 3 different machines, her
home, her work, and her husband's work, all 3 different ISPs.  I suggested
she flush her DNS cache on her home PC but she is not that computer aware,
and when I changed the DNS entry to Godaddy's parking she saw that change.
One other weird thing is that for the 1st few days I could see the correct
site on my home and work PC, the next day or 2 the incorrect page would come
up, and I copied the html from view source to check out the page info.  But
my home machine always displayed correctly.

In any event, now any ping or WhoIs will show OK as the move to solved the problem.  But the IP that was coming up incorrect
was a totally unrelated IP of

I see from posts on that hosting companies and DNS
related technologies can be pretty complicated, so I don't know if any real
answer would be discoverable.

Many regards.


Re: Can Nameservers Point to Wrong IP Address?

JohnJ wrote:
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John, I've seen this several times, (latest just a couple of weeks ago)
where a site works normally for some people but not others.  Most of the
time it was a bad routing table at the hosting company; people who came
in via one like got directed correctly, while those coming from another
link weren't.  Once or twice there were DNS server issues, but those
were generally complete failures of the name to be resolved.

The way to check it would be to do an nslookup at both a working and a
non-working system.  If they resolve to the same ip address, the problem
is routing at the host.  If they resolve to different ip addresses, the
problem is in the dns.

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Jerry Stuckle
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Re: Can Nameservers Point to Wrong IP Address?

On Sat, 31 Jul 2010 15:57:01 -0400, Jerry Stuckle wrote in alt.www.webmaster:

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Re: Can Nameservers Point to Wrong IP Address?

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Thank you.  I'll keep the nameserver lookup info in memory.


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