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Hi folks,

I'm looking for a calendar application thing (I can't be any more
technical than that![1]) that will let me show events (upcoming and
past) on a website. Ideally I would like to be able to have something
that looks like a wall calendar that people can click on the day if
there is a planned event for that day.

Can anyone suggest something that I can use?

[1] I spent all morning debugging some C# code, and since then all of my
technical skills and ability to use the English language effectively
have been sapped :(

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Re: Calendars


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Re: Calendars

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The ideas in that article don't apply in the situation I am in. For the
calendar I want, every day of the month is important, not just the ones
with events planned on them. The user needs to be able to see at a
glance both which days have events, and which days are free for them to

Besides, the author of that article suggests that people don't need
calendars as tables because a list is better. Why is it better? I can't
see that making it any more easy to scan through and find a particular
day. My users need to able to find the proposed event days by both day
of the week and date, and the traditional layout of a calendar makes
this easy to do.

A bunch of lists is simply not good enough.

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