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So, I'm considering a few new features for my website, but I'm on the
fence of whether they would increase traffic, or potentially lose
existing traffic.

This isn't exactly a "webmaster" topic, per se, but there's not a
group (to my knowledge) for the business end of website owners.

Do you think that this NG would be appropriate for these types of

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jwcarlton wrote:
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This group is for discussion of all aspects of webmastering.

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Fair enough! Since Red said it's OK... :-)

I have a fairly high-traffic website (approximately 20 million
pageviews /month) whose primary focus is 4 message boards. The
majority of our traffic comes from recurring users (what Quantcast
refers to as "addicts"; users that interact with the site more than 30
times /month).

The main draw is that the site targets local residents. So the topics
of discussion can vary greatly, with the common thread being that
their discussing those topics with their neighbors.

What I'm considering is a "groups" feature, to let users create their
own message boards for topic of their own interest.


this would encourage local businesses and non-profits to create their
own message board and publicize it, which would send more traffic to
the site.


this might also encourage people to create message boards for topics
that would usually be "hot" on the main boards, but then give them the
ability to moderate it ever how they want. This could lead to fewer
hot topics on the main boards, as well as making it harder for
occasional users to find those hot topics. Worse, when people find
that they can't participate in those topics well due to poor
moderating, they may abandon the site altogether.

Because of the Con, I've considered making it a pay feature, which
would obviously limit people. But, I seriously doubt many (if any)
businesses would pay, since they can do something similar for free in
a thousand places.

I've also considered keeping it free, but they would have to apply for
it and I would manually set it up. But, again, they can do something
similar for free and on the fly with other sites, so I worry that it
would just end up being more work for me, with little or no benefit.

What do you guys think? A free-for-all, a monthly-paid, an approval-
required, or just leave well enough alone?

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On 4/8/2011 4:08 PM, jwcarlton wrote:
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The latter. You just can't trust anyone to moderate a forum as
well as you. It would degrade quickly I think.

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On Fri, 8 Apr 2011 14:08:58 -0700 (PDT), jwcarlton wrote in

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A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths.

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jwcarlton wrote:
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I'd leave it alone. If anything you should think about how to profit
more from the traffic you're already getting.


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