bulletin boards: yabb SM? phpbbv2? vs vbulletin?

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I'm hunting for a bulletin board recommendation for a pretty low
traffic site for a professional community, max membership probably 200
right now, and historically hasn't been anything that had more than 10
posts a day, honestly!

Easy options available at my cpanel provider include yabb, SM (neither
of which I'd heard of previously) and perhaps even phpbbv2.  Vbulletin
I've seen on some sites I respect, but I'm not sure I can even get
budget for the $85/year, sadly.  But if it's that much better than
free stuff for my needs, maybe I'd pay it out of my own pocket!  The
site is not something that generates money.  

I'd really like something that was a little a pain in my butt as
possible in terms of security worries, cleaning up bot generated user
submissions, something easy to go in and delete nasties if needed,
something with a very easy patch mechanism.  I don't mind approving
users manually with email notification.

I used to have a phpBB instance that I inherited from someone, and my
annoyance level with an instance of phpBB was tripped months ago when
the latest exploit du jour was released that I just shut it down.  :-)
I didn't feel like cleaning out all of the bot generated user
registrations from the member list (that weren't approved by me, yet
still listed in the member directory anyway).  

Sorry for the rambling, but I'd appreciate any experiences!

Best Regards,
Todd H.
http://www.toddh.net /

Re: bulletin boards: yabb SM? phpbbv2? vs vbulletin?

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Phorum. Simple to use and set up, though rather low in features compared to
the others you mentioned.

If the traffic does pick up, I recommend investing in VBulletin. I just
purchased and installed it on a site of mine and, while I'm still working
on configuring it, I like it already.

Karl Groves

Re: bulletin boards: yabb SM? phpbbv2? vs vbulletin?

On Jan 24, 11:31 pm, comph...@toddh.net (Todd H.) wrote:
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I'm biased towards phpBB. I like it for the flexibility it offers, but
I admit that in order to get proper protection from spam and to get the
features and style you want, some modification is necessary. There's
always a way to fix a problem you have with phpBB, unless that /is/
your problem with phpBB. However, if your past burn was a security
problem, you may want to look into phpBB 3 (which has also been called
phpBB 2.2 and Olympus) -- It's currently only in beta (release 4,
IIRC), but it's supposed to be more secure and feature-rich than phpBB

As for others, I wouldn't suggest using a paid message board unless it
is associated with something you will make money from, or it is the
only way to have your board hosted on the 'net.

Re: bulletin boards: yabb SM? phpbbv2? vs vbulletin?

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Until recently we used PHPBB a lot. Then we hit a wall; it simply could
not cope with the traffic we were generating. We've since switched to
SimpleMachines which, although a slightly bumpy ride, has been great.

Re: bulletin boards: yabb SM? phpbbv2? vs vbulletin?

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Interesting... phpBB could not handle your traffic, but another
software could? Yet Gaia Online has nearly 6 million registered users,
over 900 million posts, and tens of thousands of users logged in at any
one time, and it uses phpBB -- the code has been modified, but I think
lanzer (who, as far as I know, is the main programmer behind Gaia) has
posted all of his modifications to the phpBB forums:
Then again, that thread was make in the 2.0.6 era, and phpBB is now on
2.0.22, so I'm not certain how many of his tweaks were incorporated
into the main phpBB, if any.

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