Bulk transfer of domains

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I have my bulk account with answerable.com (which uses foundationapi),
and tried to initiate a transfer of 6 domains. After initiating the
transfer, though, I wasn't taken to a page for payment; I just
received a page saying that the transfer is being processed.

This was 24 hours ago, and I haven't received an email from the losing
registrar, nor from answerable.com. I submitted a support ticket to
answerable.com 21 hours ago to make sure that I didn't miss a step
somewhere, but they haven't replied yet (which I find unacceptable,
but that's a different complaint).

So here's my question. Has anyone had experience in bulk transfers
with answerable.com, and if so, at what point am I expected to pay?

I only have about 24 hours before some of those domains will be too
close to expiring to transfer, so if I need to do another step then I
need to know ASAP.

Thanks in advance,


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