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Hello All,

I'm looking for a software (ideally web-based/php) which would allow
to send bulk SMS. At work we

have an idea to offer clients something like an e-newsletter, but
instead of sending email

newsletters, it would send SMS to registered mobile numbers.

At the moment I looked into bulkSMS, but it's not ideal. The importnat
things I'm looking for is:

- ease to integrate with existing database of contacts (mysql)
- web based, ideally being able to rebrand (white label, but not
- if it's just an SMS software - an ease to integrate via API with
companies offering SMS packages

If you have any suggestions what may be worth to look into, I would
really appreciate it.

Many thanks,

Re: bulk SMS

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I have been sending out a weekly newsletter to 10,000 users for several
years, and along the way, I have learned a few things:

1. Very important - keep a clean list
a) check the addresses via SMTP to be sure they are valid - if you send
messages to invalid addresses, you are waisting the receiving
postmaster's time, and your own.
b) be sure you don't have duplicates
2. If someone wants to be removed, remove them immediately, send them a
nice note that they have been removed, and NEVER send them anything else
3. Send timely content users are interested in
4. Be sure an include a unsubscribe and/or change address email and url
in the headers

The program that I have been using is Group Mail from Infacta, and it
does a good job of helping me with the above, and that has kept the
newsletter going strong for eight years.

Group Mail also has the ability to do SMS -
http://www.group-mail.com/asp/common/features.asp#Send Personalized SMS

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