Browser Support for HTTP 1.1?

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I ran into a website that only works with HTTP 1.1, not
HTTP 1.0.  Yes, I know that's a Bad Thing To Do, but
there are worse horrors on the web...

That got me to wondering whether most browsers in use
can handle HTTP 1.1.  From doing some web searching,
I *think* that the following browsers support HTTP 1.1,
But would very much welcome corrections or a link to a
definitive list.

Firefox: all versions.

Opera: version 4.0 and up.

Netscape Navigator: version 6.02 and up.
(IIRC, NN 4.06 and up had a buggy implementation of HTTP 1.1)

Internet Explorer: version 4.0 and up.
(The Internet Explorer 4 Java Virtual Machine cannot handle
HTTP 1.1 data streams correctly. This was fixed in IE 5)
(Can you replace it with Java from Sun?)

Lynx: version 2.6 and up (Shaky on this one...)

Konqueror: ??

Safari: ??

Amaya: ??

I also noted that many browsers that support HTTP 1.1 can be
configured to use only HTTP 1.0. Do any have that setting
as the default?

Guy Macon

Re: Browser Support for HTTP 1.1?

On Wed, 04 Feb 2009 21:12:52 +0000, Guy Macon wrote:

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HTTP 1.0 (strict) has severe limitations and does not play nicely -at
all- on today's world wide web.  1.0 compatibility is not something I
have worried about in a long while.

(Http 1.1 passes a HOST field back to the server, allowing multiple
virtual hosts to be exist on the same IP address.)

That said, there are a few versions of HTTP 1.0 that did backport the
HOST handling, but none of the other 1.1 features.)

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