Book about Web Site Measurement and Testing

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I've self-published a book that may be of interest to those on the list
who manage web site visitor measurement, testing or analytics for their
web sites. It's called "The Executive's Guide to Web Site Measurement
and Testing."

The book is a plain language primer that steps through the planning and
implementing of web site measurement programs and how to use tools and
methods to save design and development costs, increase site
profitability and effectiveness, and make informed web site strategy

I've worked on both the vendor and client side in web analytics for
over 10 years, serving primarily Fortune 25 clients, and I've been in
the Internet trenches since '93 working on both the business and IT
side. This book is not a "get rich quick" guide or a silver
bullet....It's a straight forward blueprint for folks who are serious
about managing their web sites well, and serving their clients with
added value.

I invite you to check out to find out more about the
book and review the first 3 chapters. Chapter 3 includes a worksheet
that you can use for mapping site business objectives to web site
functions as a first step in planning web site analysis.

If you like what you see and want to order, please use promo code
247756 to receive an additonal 25% discount.

Thanks -

Phil Kemelor
The Executive's Guide to Web Site Measurement and Testing

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