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Re: BMW slap down

Deciding to do something for the good of humanity, William Tasso
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I like Els' exit page. :-)

Mark Parnell

Now implementing

Re: BMW slap down

Pondering the eternal question of "Hobnobs or Rich Tea?", Mark Parnell
finally proclaimed:

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Me too :) I didn't know[1] that she has a link to my site there, that's
a jolly nice[2] thing to do.

[1] I rarely check the access logs
[2] It's also a sure way of sexing up a site ;)

Dylan Parry -- Where the Music Progressively Rocks!

Re: BMW slap down

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The problem is that you damage your long term growth for short term profit.
Even though money-spike ended - I am relieved that the server is ultra crisp
again performance wise. No-one is going to share my URL when they waited 2
minutes for a page to partially load then exited via an ad, and surfer
networking gives me most of my traffic.

The way I pictured it was a snake trying to make a meal of it's own tail.

Still - when you extrapolate this same principle into other areas like
search engines, it raises some questions. If you do a search on a term, you
get two sets of results, the free results and the paid for advertising
results. You could make serious money just by fudging the free results and
decreasing their usability enough to drive traffic to the more relavent paid
ads. This raises the next question: do search engines really want perfect
search algorythms? If you got what you wanted everytime in the free search
results - who would be scanning the ads for more relevant results?

Re: BMW slap down

Another thing to take into consideration with the BMW slapdown, is that many
large companies will be redoing their SEO techniques and possibly slipping
in SE rankings compare dto all the SEO optimised adsense farms. Funnily
enough these same companies would be considered "whales" by advertising

How many of them, once relegated to page 15 anonymity, will then purchase a
paid spot on page one?

When you think about it - Google, who gets its revenue from advertising, has
a definite interest in large companies NOT making it to the top of free
listings. Therefore, scaring the crap out of them to stop them using the
sort of SEO techniques used everyday by smaller sites would pay dividends.
The further they sink in the rankings, the more likely they are to buy
advetising space.

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