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I'm using for my blog, but posting it via ftp to my own
webhost.  I have this really weird problem, it's never been reported by
any customers so I don't know if it's just me or not.

I'm using Firefox 1.0.7.  This problem does not appear to occur in IE.

What happens is when I go to my blog, it gets gibberish after some
fairly random point.  For example:

Monday, October 10, 2005
Ireland, Finally!&n7roypebar
0t="l!Tsg src="elcww.asl oiusv12897952583293001"(=st() {} -->
um9ayeme09Ooreovilsn)3yr" sr TSoreoa0 gRreadeoa0
gRrslssahs(cmh"he/2a6vrsoipmsl on0the httdB"pe

Now, if I do a refresh, the problem is fixed.  However, if I do another
refresh, the gibberish returns, exactly as before.  Has anyone ever seen
this before?  Any ideas what's going on?  This started, I think, when I
added a javascript clock to the page, but I've since removed it, and the
problem's still there. I know it's coming from the code blogger's
adding, but I can't tell where, why, or how to fix it.

this is at

Any help is appreciated.  I've sent blogger a couple of notes, but have
received no reply.

And, before anyone gives me a bad time, this blog's for family and
friends, really, though oddly it gets more visitors than my website.  I
thought I'd titled it appropriately :)


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