Blog software that supports PDF attachments??

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I have a client who has a relatively simple need.  He wants to have a
straightforward blog for his organization so he can post news and
announcements.  The one twist is that he very often needs to post PDFs
attached to his entries.

Currently he sends these announcements to an e-mail list and of course
simply attaches the PDFs to the e-mail.

I have yet to come across a blogging software package that supports
this.  Images yes, PDFs (or other arbitrary attachments) no.

Any ideas out there?

This guy is not exactly a computer whiz, but he can obviously handle
PDFs and e-mail, so I really think that if I could find a simple enough
blogging package that handles attachments, he could run with it.  The
best possible scenario would be a blogging software that could simply
accept the e-mails he already sends out and just posts them as entries
as-is, complete with the PDF attachments.  But I'm probably dreaming

Re: Blog software that supports PDF attachments??

__/ [tomviolin] on Saturday 07 January 2006 05:45 \__

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WordPress  2.0,  which came out on the 26th of December, can handle  arbi-
trary  enclosures of any filetype, provided that the host permits  'suspi-
cious' files to be uploaded. You must also ensure that the server does not
run in 'Safe Mode'. Uploads are made transparent through PHP and a monthly
directory  gets built by the CMS, which requires appropriate privileges to
be accommodated.

Be  aware that WordPress 2.0 is rather reliable, but not as predictable as
version  1.5.2, which I believe has support for enclosures too.  WordPress
2.0  simplifies  user  interaction tremendously. No need to FTP. It  is  a
drag-and-drop  widget  with some nice JavaScript-rich progress  bar.  Any-

Hope it helps,


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Re: Blog software that supports PDF attachments??

On 6 Jan 2006 21:45:10 -0800, "tomviolin"

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There's a reason why he can't use TWO pieces of software?

1. Either use an FTP client or an NSAPI upload applet to upload the
PDFs to a /pdf directory,


2 Refer to the PDFs in the blog with an <a href>?

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