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Hi - I have a client who has been running a informational, "brochure"
type web site for his business at He is an
investment advisor.

He wants to start a blog.
He owns

Do you think it is best to set up the blog under his current domain
name which is simply
Or is it better to have the blog reside at
and then he can make references to and drive
traffic to

The alternative is to simply set up the blog at
However, the is very marketable from in a
traditional sort of way - in print, in magazines, on bench
advertising, etc

Thanks - adivse would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Blog and web site advice wrote:

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I'd recommend setting up the site on the more desirable domain name and
stay away from personal names for business sites.

Re: Blog and web site advice

Nathan Keel wrote:
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Unless his name is very well known in the industry.

Re: Blog and web site advice

Scott Bryce wrote:

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True, it always depends.  Maybe even do both (alias the company type of
name to the personal site or something).

Re: Blog and web site advice wrote:
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It depends on a lot of things.  Is his business registered as
"Firstname-LastName"?  Is that how he's listed in the phone book?  Is
that how his customers know him?  Then that's the domain name he should
be using, also.

Something like will be much harder to
describe to customers ("free hyphen investiment hyphen advice dot com)
and (unless he has a very long name), much harder to type.  It also
doesn't have the personal appeal.  It does, however, have a much wider
appeal; if he's looking to give free advice to people from all over the
world, it might be better.

As for using a name for a business site - completely wrong in the
investment business.  One of the most famous investment sites is run by
Ric Edelman - ("that's rice delman dot com").  It is
very successful for him.

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