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well, this project is moving slowly but it's moving. below are the Blind
Webmistresses responses to the last round of questions and feedback on
our test page. the questions had mostly to do with what she can use of
the internet and how she uses it.

as a next step, i'll be listening in 'over her shoulder' on the phone as
she surfs the reference page with Jaws and NoteTab. the reference page
hasn't changed as of last post, but it's at /

"I'm back (smile). I've had some long days and haven't wanted to get into
this right then. Besides I was a little discouraged becaue I couldn't
find something I could use easily to look at the source code and possibly
modify it. I tried Dream Weaver again, but it's just too difficult. Jaws
doesn't work well with it. I might think I'm line 10 and I'm really on
line 13. It takes more time being careful than I get done. I tried
Netscape composer, but that wasn't good either. I even tried word, but I
kept getting a script writer error. Well- duh! I finally called Freedom
Scientific, makers of Jaws, and spoke to a Jaws technition. He's a blind
programmer. He told me about NOtetab Pro. I just down loaded a trial
version. Wow! I can't believe the difference. To think I spent all that
time on my web site using Dream Weaver and other free software. I was
crazy. Jaws works well in that editor. The lines are true and it has many
built HTML strings to help, ie, links, etc. He also told me about a web
site called or org. I can't remember now. I haven't
had an opportunity to go there yet. He said there are some tutorials and
a listserv to ask questions on. So I'm now encouraged again.

I've never tried the news groups much. Chats have traditionally been
tough because the page refreshes all of the time as the chat lines scroll
and so screen readers bump to the top again. I know Jaws has some
connections built in to help use- AOL instant messenger. Never gotten in
to that much since the early days on line. I am interested in possibly
having something like that so I think I'll ask on the blindprogrammers
list if there are suggestions.

As far as technology goes, There are 2 biggies. Jaws and WindowEyes by GW
Micro. Jaws- Freedom Scientific. Those are the most used screen readers.
There are some others, but not nearly as widely used. Both function very
similarly. The short cut commands are different. WindowEyes is a bit
easier to customize, but they haven't gotten as much into Ms stuff like
Power Point. They rely on their users to writer user scripts to help. So
Jaws is the most used at this point because because they have made Access
and PPT compadible with Jaws- to a point anyway. That's why I switched a
few years ago. I used to be a die hard WindowsEyes user, but I had to use
Access and PPT for work so I switched.

Yes I have a speaker phone (hands free) in my office so we con talk and
you can listen as I look through the web page.

Oh I never told you that I like the layout. It's clean and seems to work
well. It's hard to imagine how some of my stuff will translate or look
switched over, but I can see that it would be easier. I can read the
comments ok. The description of your logo was cool."

so you see that we're nearing the piont where we can create a template
for her, looks like we're settled on two collumn header and footer.
continued input appreciated.


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When communicating with someone who uses a screen reader, be *very*
careful about your spelling and typos!


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guilty as charged.

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oh good, I didn't want to punt the finger ;)

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