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I am contacting this form as a private citizen; I am not associated
with any company, business, or organization which uses email for
or marketing purposes. My only access to the internet is through my
own personal computer located in the living room of my own one
apartment. I use a PC running Windows Millennium and connect to the
internet on a dial up internet connection through AOL.

I have used the same primary email address since 1998
(malajexatyahoocom) without incidence or delay in service. However
several weeks ago it became apparent all outgoing email was no longer
reaching its destination, and subsequent tests revealed that to be
true. Spending some time researching the matter led me to discover
that I was listed on 510's blacklist (also known as a black hole)
presumably as a spammer.

I am not a spammer, and have no vested interest in any group or body
dedicated to such activies. Additionally, my personal computer is
secured from exploitation due to updated firewall and aniti virus/
spyware software. I have run several security tests including
all ports, and have found my system to be completely secure.

As stated I am no longer able to send email to my friends or
associates, and can give no explanation as to why I appear on this
list as a spammer. I have no knowledge or expertise beyond that
in this form, and I doubt I have ever even seen a mail server, having
worked mainly as a bartender in hotels and private clubs.

Again let me state clearly that I have no websites, marketing firm,
other internet based business which would require the use of email,
nor do I work for or have association with any organization engaged
email campaigns or other email related activity.

So my question is how did I wind up on the list, and how do I get
I only use my email account for personal and legitimate email, and it
has worked flawlessly until being placed in the black hole. Could you
please advise me regarding this matter, as I would like to continue
communicating with my friends?

Current IP:

Respectfully, G. Harris

Re: Blacklisting - 510 Software Group

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This newsgroup (not forum) is for items for webmasters, not email. A
newgroup such as 24hoursupport.helpdesk might be more appropriate. That
said, in response to your post ...

This doesn't seem quite right. If you are using a yahoo email then your
emails should be being sent via yahoo. If they are sent via yahoo then it is
the yahoo server that is blacklisted, not you. However, I think its unlikely
that yahoo would be on any blacklists.

Do outgoing emails reach their destination if you send them via the yahoo
web interface? is it just when you send them (via yahoo) from your pc?

Its possible that yahoo might be blocking emails sent via the AOL network,
but that's just a guess.  I would imagine that yahoo provide some support
... but you may have to dig for it. If they do then contact them about it.

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IP addresses get blocked for a variety of reasons. Its quite common for ip
addresses allocated to dial-up accounts to be blacklisted simply because
they are dial-up. However, I think this is not the problem - because you are
sending via yahoo not directly from your own PC. If you are sending via your
own pc then you can expect it to be blocked, not because you are a spammer
but simply because you are using a dial-up account and for that reason your
IP is blocked.

Check that your outgoing SMTP server points to the yahoo smtp server. If you
use an SMTP server running on your own box then you can expect to get
outgoing emails blocked.


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If you are on because you are on dial-up then you won't be able to get off
it. However, if you are sending emails via your ISP (AOL) or Yahoo then that
shouldn't matter.

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Contact Yahoo about it. Alternatively switch to AOL's email (which I know is

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If you are on dial-up then this IP address will change each time you

There are lots of sites online that allow you to test an ip address against
blacklists. Couple that came up near the top on google for me:
    This does have your ip address down.
    This tests the current ip addresss.

Hope this helps.
Brian Cryer

Re: Blacklisting - 510 Software Group

Brian Cryer wrote:

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Oh, great.  Now he's over there with it.  And he's followed up to at least
one response, with a post that shows he's totally in the dark.

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The Usenet Improvement Project -

Re: Blacklisting - 510 Software Group

On Wed, 05 Dec 2007 05:08:03 -0800, Blinky the Shark
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Give him a break Blinky. We were all in the dark once! Naivete seems
to have become an offence on usenet

Re: Blacklisting - 510 Software Group

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I was trying to be helpful ... but having seen his "follow up" responses
posted elsewhere I do take your point.
Brian Cryer

Re: Blacklisting - 510 Software Group

On 12/05/07 03:14 am, Brian Cryer wrote:
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  Unfortunately this is not necessarily true. Comcast periodically
blacklists Earthlink. And recently we had a similar problem with a service
in Australia. Luckily both services only blacklist for 24 - 48 hours.

jmm (hyphen) list (at) sohnen-moe (dot) com
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Re: Blacklisting - 510 Software Group wrote:
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This isn't the right place to ask - but just for your information.
Chances are it's not your IP address which is blacklisted, but Yahoo.
It's a hazard when using a shared email system such as Yahoo - someone
else spams the world using the same email server, and suddenly everyone
using that server has problems.  Free email services such as Yahoo
suffer from this more than services which cost the spammers money.

Responsible email hosting companies get rid of the spammers quickly, and
within 24 hours or so the email server is cleared from the blacklists.
If you don't get cleared, find another email provider.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Blacklisting - 510 Software Group wrote:

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First of all, even if you're using Google Groups, please look into
cross-posting (instead of multi-posting, as you have). It will simplify
the collection of answers you've received.

Digging further on your issue, the listing details at "510 Software
Group" ( /) says that your IP address is
listed as " misc.spam", and detailing further down the page
that this group consists mainly of, among other things, "entire
addresses blocks that have a) sent spam here", meaning that they've
most likely put *all* America On-Line customers into this grouping
after experiencing spam originating from this group. This has nothing
to do with you, but more likely to do with a previous history.

Also, I find this IP address block listed in SORBS with the comment
"[AOL supplied information [ ]
(8/1/07)] Dynamic/Generic IP/rDNS address, use your ISPs mail server or
get rDNS set to indicate static assignment."

If you're not using's own outbound e-mail server, I suggest
you rather use one supplied by AOL instead.

Kim André Akerĝ
(remove NOSPAM to contact me directly)

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