Beta testers wanted for website quality checking software

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I'm now getting ready for the commercial release of DeepTrawl 2.0
which is a website quality checking application for Vista / XP / Mac
OSX 10.5 (Leopard) . DeepTrawl has an easy to use search engine style
interface & is designed to check for quality issues such as dead or
slow links / invalid markup / undesired user postings etc. etc.
There's a beta version which can be downloaded from:

Version 2.0 includes the following major new features:
- Spell Checking;
- Validation against the w3c xhtml dtds;
- Ability to view problems highlighted in the web browser as well as
in the built in (x)html editor;
- Easy to use Form Action Capture feature to get / use form data to
log in etc. (+ cookie session support);
- Re-checking of problems from within the editor;
- FTP in the editor;
- Automatic tidying of (x)html markup & checking for untidy pages;
- New Look & Feel + many other UI enhancements;
- Massive speed improvement especially for large sites;
- Result filtering.

I'd love for as many people as possible to try it. I'm looking for bug
reports / feature suggestions / likes & dislikes / anything else
anyone would like to add. I'm offering a free license for those who
give useful feedback.

For feedback, please post here or e-mail me (

Thanks for your time,

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