Beta test link management application for free license?

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yo w'sup yo, i be mackin it wit....

*cough, cough*

pardon me, i seem to have had something stuck in my throat. allergies.

now then, we're load testing our new link management application and we're
seeking beta testers, who in return for a simple test cycle, will receive a
perpetual single-site license for the software.

beta testers will then be encouraged to whine and complain whenever they
encounter future problems and squeeze updates out of us which they will
again whine and complain about.

beta testers will ideally be those with hairy link management issues and
who regularly tear their hair out with link administration.

beta testing will commence, oh, say, around Monday or Tuesday next.

the software is LAMP but we're looking for MS/IIS/PHP/MSSQL users to test
as well.

please get in touch with salesATdatasphericDOTcom if interested, or visit
our website, for contact information.


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