Best wiki software?

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I have done some research on the web to find wiki software (PHP or
Python) for a computer programming wiki. Here's how it should work: No
one can submit a new tutorial on the wiki, nor can edit entries without
having to either be a member (free registration) or entering text
writen in a captcha, so that the wiki isn't full of online pharmacy

One important point also is ease of use, and learning curve. I always
find wikis complicated because you have to learn formating tags. The
least complicated, the better.

And possibility to organize tutorials into categories and subcategories
would be awesome. I tried Mediawiki, and pmwiki, I found them
complicated to use. Actually it doesn't need to be named "wiki", for
instance, if phpMyFAQ were editable by anyone, it would be my choice.
Do you have suggestions please?

Re: Best wiki software?

Charles wrote:

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I'd go with MediaWiki - especially if you want "access control" or
"editorial" features.

There are other wikis I'd look at if I wanted better semantics or
annotation, but for "plain hypertext" MediaWiki really is the best.

OTOH, I guess I'm biased because I already have some familiarity with
it and I can appreciate the complexity at first sight. However having
tried simpler wikis and ended up disappointed in the long run, I'd
still recommend it.

Re: Best wiki software?

Andy Dingley wrote:
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In my experience, the MediaWiki software has a good learning curve to
the users (the buttons in the edit box are all the begginner needs, and
you learn more ways to mark it up as you go along), but more
complicated for the webmaster. I don't like looking at the MediaWiki
code for too long...

If /you're/ willing to learn the software, then your users should be
fine with it. And as a bigger plus, most users (especially for a
programming wiki) would be familiar with Wikipedia, which is basically
the test site for new MediaWiki releases.

Re: Best wiki software?

Actually, what I'd like to do is a large collaborative
tutorial/documentation web site on computing, especially open-source
software, system administration and web design. I like phpMyFAQ, but
it's not enough "collaborative", as you need first to create users and
allow them to add entries...

Any other suggestion?

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