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There are a lot guides out there on how to convert your video
to flash flv and host it your website.

But will Flash continue to be popular? (I.e. You dont want to put a lot of
work into a site that is going to be obsolete next year...)
And it is not very clear what the video standard is - or is going to be?

[Well there is a new standard in HTML5 for playing videos using the <VIDEO>
tag. But there is still no agreement about the standard. Apple and Microsoft
like the H264 standard, but that is not a free standard. You have to pay for
Mozilla (Firefox) and Opera want the free standard Theora.
Youtube, which is by far the largest video site, uses Flash, with H264
As soon as Google, the owner of Youtube, has made his choice, than that will
obviously the standard for HTML5 video. But with that not every other site
will be converted. There will still be a lot of sites that have the Flash

Obviously, Ipad doesnt even support flash, and other pages tell us
a lot about why Apple dont like Java and Flash for performance issues,
leading a trend away from these technologies?

So, what technology would you use for video on your website right now,
if you wanted the site to last as long as possible without major repair



Typically, design pages advice people on some technology,
but they dont say much about how future oriented the technology
is ... e.g.

[One of my customers needs some video clips put on his website, which need
to stream. The clips are quite large but I have lots of compression software
so should be able to sort that out. they are in MPG and AVI format.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to do this? Do I need to install a
player onto the server? What is the nicest looking player/interface
available, i.e. something that looks like the vid player on youtube? Needs
to look professional so I dont want to link to an actual youtube video.]

One guy answered with this one:
[I used the JW Flash Player ( /) as it's a little
more compatible than the WMV version, and for preparing the video files I
used a piece of software called Handbrake ( /).  ]


Where you convert the video to flash flv with Riva FLV Encoder or Super or
On2 Flix or Flash Professional. Afterwards you add the flv to your homepage
together with the flv player.

Best solution. Because, Flash Player is found in more browsers than any
other player. Flash works on MacOS X, Windows, and Linux. Flash works in
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Free avi to flv converters

Re: Best way to embed video into website

On Tue, 11 May 2010 22:30:28 +0200, Simon Laub wrote in alt.www.webmaster:

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Quoted text here. Click to load it

Flash will be around for a while ;)
You're safe with it?

How much work you got? If it's just one site/project, download it from
Adobe. You can use it free for a month and make your own flash players ;)

You can find lots of tools there.

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Re: Best way to embed video into website (was: Will flash continue to be popular? Future video standard?)

Simon Laub wrote:
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Just bear in mind that Apple will not allow Flash on the IPhone or IPad.
  If these targets are important to you, then you will want to find
something else.

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Re: Best way to embed video into website (was: Will flash continue to be popular? Future video standard?)

Simon Laub wrote:
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Amen. The first time I've agreed with Steve Jobs on anything.

I've had both of them disabled in my browser for years now after wasting
far too much time troubleshooting browser crashes and performance issues
(e.g, Flash using 100% CPU) caused by both of them.

I'd really like to see Flash slip quietly into history.

... Not much of a contribution to the topic, I know, but I couldn't let
that pass by.

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