Best way to do live video in html

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What would the best way to do live video in a html page?  I am building
a html page that would reside on a person computer and would give them
access to a live video stream.  What would the best/ most cost
effective way of doing this?  Webcam?

Thanks for your help


Re: Best way to do live video in html wrote:
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Flash is by far the best way to distribute video. You can record your
video via webcam, or even a camcorder or DV camera plugged into a
machine via FireWire. You'll need some broadcast software to do this,
and it's not that cheap.

There is a free streaming thing in Windows XP Pro that uses WMV - again
you can use pretty much any camera.

This is a pretty complicated process though, even when trying to do
basic stuff. You have to decide what sort of stream to provide. If it's
broadband only... how broad? Broadband varies from 128kb/ps to
100,000's of kb/ps. Will you offer the user a choice of streams? On our
commercial servers that have not-so-live video, we offer 3 streams
(generally) - 56k, 100k and 300k. Each of these have to be fed from
some sort of streaming server, or a machine that has enough bandwidth
to spit out lots of streams at once. Will lots of people be viewing the
stream at once? You need to work out if you have the bandwidth. If you
have 1000 users viewing a 300kbps stream, you're going to need a very
fast dedicated line just to serve the video - and only specialist hosts
tend to do this.

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