Best way to allow printing of hi res image from website?

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The charity I run a site for have asked me to place a sponsorship form
on the site with the ability for someone to print off the form. I want
to place a low resolution image of the form on a page yet have the
visitor print off the hi res version. I.e. two files spon-form-low.jpg
and spon-form-high.jpg  How would I place a link that would send the
high res image to their printer and not their screen?

Can it be done?


Re: Best way to allow printing of hi res image from website?

On Sat, 17 Dec 2005 12:54:25 +0000, Warmbells put finger to keyboard
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I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do. Are you saying that the
entire printable form is an image, which needs to be printed without
any surrounding HTML (other than possibly a placeholder page)?

If so, then you can't get it to go straight to the printer without
going to the browser first - the broswer has to download it before it
can print it, and you can't force a user's computer to print something
without them making a specific choice to print it.

But, if that is what you're trying to do, then there are better
options anyway. You could make a web page that's designed for print -
just design it without extranous navigation elements, images, etc -
and have people print that instead. A better option, if your original
form is too complex to easily be reproduced in HTML, is to make it
into a PDF that people can download and print off. That's a very
common method of making materials available for print (it's one of the
things that PDF was designed for), and it will be quicker to download
than a high-res jpg. At a stretch, if you can't use PDF, then just put
the form up as a Word document and tell people to download it and
print it.

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Re: Best way to allow printing of hi res image from website?

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How do you do?

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ok - so far so good.  Any web document can be printed by default.

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Seems a rather long winded way to go about things but it's possible ...

<img class="scr" src="spon-form-low.jpg" alt="">
<img class="pri" src="spon-form-high.jpg" alt="">

for which the site-wide CSS might read similar to ....

img.scr {}

@media print {

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This I don't understand.  There is print functionality available to every  
(I think) UA I ever used.  Why would you want to reinvent that particular  

Personally, I'd prefer a properly marked up HTML form with a selection of  
choices available including print/fax, print/post and submit.  The use of  
a jpeg to perform this task seems somewhat limiting to say the least.
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