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Any opinions on what is currently the easiest, most secure Content
Management Systems below for a novice user? I have tried out a few of
them and they all seem to have advantages/disadvantages... any of them
have major problems to avoid?


Re: Best Content Management System

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That's a personal question because it all depends on what you need your site
to do.  I dabble in many of the below listed CMSs and have testbeds of
several of them set up just to play around with.

Your best bet is to go to and try some of them
yourself.  Just as important as the featureset is the backend.  That is
likely what you as a site owner would be working with more often than the
front end (that the www sees).  I have some thoughts (and lucky you, you are
going to hear them) about some of the CMSs you listed below.  For what it 's

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Why don't you check these out:




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Re: Best Content Management System

Thanks for your reply. I have played with several and still have yet to
decide. The reviews and comments from others on your site are very

Some thoughts I have

Geeklog - This looks promising for what I need, but not very many
plug-ins/modules available.

phpWebSite - This looked good for awhile, then I realized it was kind
of clucky to move things around. And I also broke it changing themes.
Also, not a lot of development on this project.

Mambo - Couldn't get the install right with this. Also, what is the
difference with Joomla, etc?

Post-Nuke - I actually used to have a Post-Nuke site 2 years ago. And
apparently Post-Nuke hasn't changed since then. Except more of the
modules were broken.

Drupal - Seems good, playing with it now. The whole theme-engine,
screen redraw thing is very annoying. I guess you would need a theme
that doesn't use the engines.

Fun playing with them all so far.

Re: Best Content Management System

On 8 Dec 2005 06:08:25 -0800, wrote:

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I recently reviewed a bunch for a non-proft, but eventually gave up to
do something custom.  Some of them seemed to have too much, and those
same ones didn't seem very flexible.


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