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Here's my site:
(which points to )
(I also maintain a Netscape 7 equivalent at )

My problems:
- The 'browserfaq' and the 'mailnewsfaq' are too big. (and I still
around 20-30 more items to add)
- Adding more FAQ items is a hassle, when I insert a new item in the
list, then have to bump up the numbers on the answers.

I figured that it might be best to give each FAQ item its own page. It
makes search results more accurate, pages load quicker, and adding items
is easy. The problem with that is: what if I want to change the
template? If I give each item its own page, editing the template would
require editing over 200 pages. I need a publishing system, in which if
I change the template, all pages are updated.

I figured a Content Management System is what I need. I just don't know
which one suits my needs best. I'll move to an Apache server, if need
be. I'm already seriously considering dreamhost anyway. What you see on
the site is pretty much what I know about website authoring. I know HTML
and CSS, but not JS or any server-side scripting. I don't want ugly URLs

So what do you think is the Content Management System that suits me the
Chris Ilias - Mozilla Champion
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Re: Best CMS for

Chris Ilias wrote:

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Yep. CSS should be able to do that for you.
Just create an external stylesheet and link all pages to that one file.

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As far as that goes, I have been useing Mambo for a little while on one
of the sites I am assisting with. You can get some good plugins for it
as well. Or PHPNuke is good as well.
But html and some css should do what you want.
Regards Chad,

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