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I Have a hard question here. (you dont't need to know the one only
answer, if you know a good one, thats enough)

What CMS is best for big companies?

I have been making www-sites with Dreamweaver + Contribute.

They are great for small companies, with under 50 pages.

But I have seen, when there is 200 - 300 pages or more, it becomes real
messs with contribute. (I dont even know what the main-categories will
be!) So when there are 10 sub-categories, I would need to make 10
templates for the sub-pages, and when there comes 1 more sub-category
for the menu, I need to update the template and all the pages using the

So I would need a CMS (with database), for which the client can make
categories and sub-categories and pages as they wich, with no extra work
(for me).

Support for SEO from the CMS would be good too.

What CMS should I look for?

It can be free/GPL, or it can cost up to 500-1000 euros per site, as
long as it works. (the 500-1000 euro would need SEO suppor)

Thanks for any answers


Re: Best CMS?

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The question is 'best'.  I'm gonna assume 'best' means easy to use by the  
editorial tean, most adapted to the specific needs of big company inc.

The very best CMS is the one you write specifically for them having  
digested and understood their requirements.

William Tasso

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for your Mama.

Re: Best CMS?

William Tasso wrote:
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Agreed. I use a CMS that I have developed over the years for the sites
that we create where I work. Every site adds a new feature or has
customized pieces added to it; however, the base system is always the
same. Sort of a framework of types for what we do.

Justin Koivisto, ZCE -

Re: Best CMS?

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the best CMS that I have found, and use, is Joomla (a fork off the road
from the old mambo)

I'm not sure how big it can go to...but i would sure recommend that you
check it out.

Re: Best CMS?

Mikko wrote:
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mambo based php cms seem to bd the best based on the white pape i wrote
recentlty for yell. i spent 3 weeks looking at the top cms (mostly open
source) and mambo stood out as the most powerful. it's also free...


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