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Re: Benefits of dual CPU for a web server

spray-painting on a wall:
>> I am going to buy a new rackmount server for my websites. They will
>> run under Linux. My question is, is there a tangible benefit from
>> using a DUAL CPU, in the context of a webserver, mail server, etc.
>> Seems like yes, but I want to hear from people with some experience.
> It may help, or it may not.  It all depends on whether or not your
> processes are occasionally CPU bound.
> If they are, you will get improved throughput.
> If your processes are I/O bound, then you will see little or no
> improvement in performance.
> Note that I am speaking in general about I/O; that could be:
>  a) Disk I/O
>  b) Network I/O
>  c) Possibly even memory bandwidth
> It is entirely possible that your bottlenecks are all about I/O, and
> in that case, adding a CPU will not alleviate the bottleneck.
> Throwing the ball back in your court, do you find that your web server
> or mail server has a very high load average due to CPU usage being
> maxxed out?  

Yes, that is sometimes the case.

> If not, then it is unlikely that adding a CPU will help.
> If so, then have you verified that adding memory wouldn't "do the
> trick?"

The old server is old anyway, it needs replacing due to age. And I
would like the server to be closer to home.


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