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Franchise opportunities are now available worldwide.

Starting your own Franchise is easy you can have your own
Franchise up
and running within 24 hours.
Your company details are listed on our Franchise and office
 location page
You earn 35% of all paid signups and sales from your franchise
What we do for you!
We handle all questions and administration
we pay your members for their completed assignments and
How it works!
1. You register for a franchise below
2. We set up your website
3. You send us the admin fee from each sale using the payment
Links within your
franchise owners area or western union.
4. We send you 35% of all signups and sales that registers from
your website
5. We process all your members completed assignments
6. We send all your members their payments
That's it! Register for your franchise today!
There is a  franchise set up fee of $100 and $50 per month. This
fee covers all
administration and accounting services.  Once you have made
payment you will receive further instructions on setting up your
franchise account.
Your  Franchise will be up and running within 24 hours
Call us for Demostration
Call : 2390177 / 9841206820
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