Beating out domain tasters?

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So, one of the domains I own is (example). Recently I accidently
typed (typo example) and found that someone had been registering
misspelled versions of my domain to direct a portion of my traffic to
their sites *but only for 5 days*.

Every five days, the registrant listed in WHOIS for the domain is
different(!). I looked up why/how this could be happening and learned
about "domain tasting" (go look it up to see what I mean if you don't

I decided to register the names myself to prevent this from happening. I
waited for 5 days for the first one to expire and jumped on the computer
to register it myself. I missed! I was unable to register the domain
faster than the tasters. I tried and they said the domain
was unavailable, even though it *was* available. I tried and
they said it was available and let me register it but they took too long
and by the time they got around to charging my credit card, the domain
was taken again for another 5 days. I tried again with Same
thing. They took too long, too!! Finally, I tried Network Solutions and
it worked with them. Their registration process was fast enough that I
got one of the domains away from the tasters -- except it cost $35! Plus
you get diddly for extras. They're way to expensive!

My question to you is, which registrar is capable of registering domains
quickly enough that a domain taster doesn't snatch it before you
actually own the domain, but is also affordable?

So far I've tried: (they can't tell when a domain is really available) (they're too slow in registering) (there's too slow in registering) (they're fast enough but way too expensive)

Please reply if you know from experience of a registrar who registers
the names very quickly and is affordable.


Re: Beating out domain tasters?

On Mon, 16 Oct 2006 22:44:44 GMT,

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You have your answer. You may consider NetSol to be expensive, but
bottom line they provided a service you were unable to find elsewhere.

Sometimes you just have to pay for quality (said the actress to the
bishop <g>)


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