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I am in the process to create an online form using PHP with DB Oracle
or MySQL, this form which consist of
2x parts personal data and finance data, and it will be filled by the
users, once the form is filled and submitted ,
it will be saved to the system as reference and printed as hardcopy it
could be a pdf or not, but the print format
will be on A4 format hardcopy with printed random generated (internal
calculation) bar code printed on the paper.
Then in the central office through bar code readers the date will be

Any one implemented this kind of application, if yes  how did you
generate the bar code on the web form through php, and which bar code
readers did you use in order to access and retrieve the data from the

Re: barcode

On 21 Oct 2006 02:53:44 -0700, madunix put finger to keyboard and

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I've used it on an ecommerce site selling CDs. We print barcodes on
the address label, and then scan them out using a barcode reader to
track dispatch times. The same barcode reader also scans the barcodes
on the CD sleeves for stock control purposes.

Pretty much any barcode reader will do the job - there are several
different types of barcodes, but unless you're doing something really
esoteric then any standard reader will handle most of the common types
(including pretty much anything that you're likely to see on product

For generating the barcodes to print onto the labels, we use a PHP
script built around PHP Barcode Image Generator 1.0 (available from among others) - it
only generates Code 3 barcodes, but that's fine for our needs and it's
really simple to use. There are plenty of other generator scripts out
there if you do need something more complex.

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Re: barcode

There's an online barcoder on

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