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Coming soon. How your competitors can get you banned on Google.

Re: Banned on Google

Vincent Granville wrote:
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Google is sooo going to take that domain from you.

Re: Banned on Google

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But he will not notice as he will be living in a cardboard box with no net
connection byt he time it gets that far :-)

Re: Banned on Google

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So are you saying that Google was right with respect to the action
taken? This is just another case of Google supressing information. They
constantly make rash decisions and are hypocriticial in their policies.

They banned my site from advertising with them. Told me I was promoting
gambling. Initially I did convince them that I was not promoting a
gambling site but that just made them develop a new policy just for
little ole me...that sports stocks were not permitted to advertise.

I complained to management about this 'rush to judgement' by one of
their support staff. Managment then decided to call me a gambling site
again. I complained that even if I was promoting a gambling site, which
I am not, that they allow gambling sites to advertise.

In reposnse they agreed with me that they do allow gambling sites to
advertise, so long as they promote gambling in legal
jurisdictions...BULLSHIT! I caught them in a lie and they would not
admit it. They change their minds more than a mother changes the
diapers of a new born.

I am now waiting for them to cancel my Google account with because I
dissed them using their own service. Lets see how free Free Speech
really is!

The Sports Broker
...dividends pay forever

Re: Banned on Google,
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Google doesn't care what you post about them or anyone else unless
someone complains about it.

You shouldn't expect totally free speech when you are using a
communications channel owned by someone else. Expecially when it's
provided to you at no charge.


Re: Banned on Google

Red E. Kilowatt wrote:
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Yeah I guess you are right. Just ask some Chinese citizens who are now
in jail because of Yahoo turning them in.

Re: Banned on Google

Viper wrote:
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Another net nut returneth.

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